06/06/2007 09:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

She Runs For President Just Like A Woman

You've got to hand it to Hillary Clinton — she knows how to take a lemon and squeeze it into lemonade. That's exactly what she (and her handlers, natch) have done with her latest YouTube video wherein she considers submissions for her Official Campaign Theme Song (where's Fleetwood Mac when you need 'em?).* The Hillary Camp have made a fun, interactive online game of it — which marginally-appropriate song should blare in the background at every campaign stop from here to November 2008? — and have invited you, the fair electorate, to weigh in accordingly. The songs range from appropriate-ish (Shania Twain, "Rock This Country" has a nice rockin' gee-tar opening and a rousing chorus of "We gonna rock!" — but it was written by a Canadian) to mildly inappropriate (the Monkees/Neil Diamond version of "I'm A Believer" is about falling in love; the Smashmouth version is about falling in love with a giant, farty green ogre) to wildly inappropriate (Tina Turner, "Simply The Best" opens thusly: "I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire/You come to me, come to me wild and wild" and later, drives it home like so: "In your eyes I get lost, I get washed away/Just as long as I'm here in your arms, I could be in no better place" and "I can feel you even when I'm alone...Oh baby, don't let go." me, America?). Meanwhile, "Suddenly I See" is from The Devil Wears Prada, which centered around an icy, controlling, heartless boss. Does Hillary really want that association? She'd probably be better off going with the song by the woman who sings "Private Dancer." Cue Joe Scarborough! Okay, so maybe some of the choices weren't thought through so completely — really, any of them involving metaphors of love and/or sex (even Celine Dion talks of "burning, yearning") — but that's not the point: The point is, it's a damn fun game! And it's gotten people involved and invested, enough to write in their favorite suggestions (America, are you going to go Hillary's way? She was born long ago, she is the chosen, she's the one, she has come to save the day...) and, yes, their excoriations — which Hillary & Co. smartly wove into a very cute and funny video in which the candidate gamely and self-deprecatingly goes along with the fun, showing a playful side, and — more importantly — that she can take a joke (and get ink). Who cares if she takes a few swipes along the way? "Cold As Ice" is a pretty unoriginal jibe (especially since Hillary's hot blooded! Check it and see!), though not as odious as Rush Limbaugh's creative suggestion of "Baby Got Back" (um, pot/kettle much?) and David Brooks' unclever suggestion of "Maneater" (yaaay, gender politics! So fun and relevant!). The point is, this is a fun game. And guess what? Hillary's winning.

NB: After careful consideration, I voted for "Are You Gonna Go My Way" — super upbeat and galvanizing opener, though "Rock This Country" is more thematic, not to mention heel-clickin' and boot-stompin'! And now, please enjoy the gratuitous cleavage shots in the video above, plus the fabulous shoes. Er, not the Hillary video, though we're sure her shoes are nice.

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*Wow, this one has a nice topical title and can be read in all sorts of ways. Hell, we're all getting older, too.
**Re: The headline — I probably don't need to tell you that's a Bob Dylan song reference.
***This post originally appeared on "Eat The Press."
****This one's just for fun.