11/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Voters Weigh In On Important Local Issues

Are all politics local? On citizen journalism site, the masses are voting in the affirmative.

As GroundReport gears up to participate in the YouTube and PBS-sponsored Video Your Vote project, contributors are writing about the issues affecting them personally this election cycle. Below, from Alaska to California, excerpts from engaged citizen around the country.


From Alaska, public defender Charles1 argues that the legal system puts natives at a disadvantage-- and must be reformed:

Working as a Public Defender in the State of Alaska has opened my eyes to systemic problems facing Alaska Native criminal defendants. The importance of this coming election to much needed reforms cannot be overstated.

In California, Proposition 8-- which would ban gay marriage-- dominates political political discourse. Wendy Stackhouse writes:

To turn any Constitution into a document that makes our society smaller and pettier, less fair, is wrong. That is not my America and certainly not my California.

No on 8. Equality for All.

Showing an intensely personal side of politics, veteran Dfmckay states that benefits for former soldiers are crucial:

While both candidates have similar beliefs there is one issue that that Obama has fought for that is missing from McCain's; that issue is the inefficiency of the VA to give the benefits to those that have been recently discharged from the service. It took me approximately 8 months from the time I was discharged to receive my medical evaluation and I have heard of others that have taken years.

New York
Juliap, writing from New York, is concerned about immigration rights in her neighborhood. Her interest stems from experience in another community-- El Paso:

In my local community of Morningside Heights, I'm interested in the impact of immigrants on the New York City economy. I wonder how much of my interest in this subject stems from the fact that far before debate questions on drivers licenses or the national infatuation with securing the border, my family's hometown of El Paso struggled to find a way to curb the number of border femicides.

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