12/26/2012 09:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Morning Links: Space Photos, No More 9/11s, Grandpa's In Prison


-- You're asked to pick 100 photos that will present humanity to space explorers billions of years from now. What would you include? How many would be celebrity side-boob shots? I'm thinking we'd need at least three XKCD strips.

-- Speaking of photos, here are Philip Plait's stunning selections for astronomy photos of the year.

-- Will Sandy Hook represent "a 9/11 for schools?" Let's hope not. Note that it's already being used as an excuse for more spying on online activity.

-- One of my favorite year-end traditions is the Oxford American's annual music issue, which always includes an incredible CD of rare, representative, and wonderful cuts to represent whatever state the magazine is focusing on that particular year. This year, it's Louisiana.

-- Here are five senior-citizens serving life sentences for selling pot.

-- The federal government has seized a publisher's advance payment to a well-known graphic artist currently working on a book about Joseph Cony "under suspicion that the money was being laundering for a terrorist organization."