09/25/2013 11:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Finding Authenticity in Fashion

"It's difficult to find the honest and authentic moment anymore." Words spoken by Christina Voros, the filmmaker who produced Chasing Tommy Ton, one of the short films screened during the Daily Candy X Tribeca Fashion in Film series.

Authenticity and finding it in the fashion industry seemed to be the running theme during the kickoff of the Fashion in Film series. The series highlighted such industry legends as Iris Apfel and Catherine Martin. It also screened films by filmmakers Christina Voros and Matt Lenski. Prior to viewing the short films selected for an audience of industry leaders and fashion enthusiasts, Alison Moore, the General Manager of Daily Candy, spoke openly and honestly about the exciting changes at Daily Candy. Discovering the undiscovered continues to be the guiding light for the Daily Candy brand. In that charge to find the undiscovered there must be an authenticity and fervor to find quality products and brands for the Daily Candy readership.


Credit: DailyCandy / Stephen Lovekin


Credit: DailyCandy / Michael Loccisano

As a creative and a seeker of the honest and authentic moment myself, I found the selected works screened during the kickoff event refreshing and enlightening. Though the two films, Chasing Tommy Ton and Ivy Holland, took two very different approaches, the messages in both films fell in line with the need to find those honest moments in order to capture them. Chasing Tommy Ton provided a brief look into the life of famed street style photographer Tommy Ton. It was interesting to see the progression of his work and his perspective as his career has grown over the years along with the industry of street style photography. Tommy Ton's original attraction to street style photography was the unexpectedness that came with capturing the beauty of fashion and style in a natural and non-posed environment. Since the lucrativeness of street style photography has grown, the ability to find those moments of honesty has become more difficult but not impossible. The key is that it is not impossible! Talent coupled with hard work, long nights of editing, creating a story within an image and consistently seeking those honest moments are the elements that make Tommy Ton a leader and an expert in his field. Christina Voros did an excellent job at highlighting the process of creating in addition to showing the beauty of Tommy Ton's work.

Ivy Holland, the final film screened during the kickoff event, took a humorous approach at emphasizing the need to find an honest moment. A mockumentary of the fictitious stylist, Ivy Holland, the film poked fun at the overly dramatic and delusional characters often found in the fashion industry. Ivy Holland was the meeting of all personality traits possessed by those that take fashion oh so seriously and have a non-realistic view of themselves and their work. I appreciated the no holds barred attitude within the short film. Light hearted, a bit exaggerated, but rooted in truth, the film brought to the forefront the need for many of us in fashion to relax, enjoy the ride, do great honest work and not take ourselves too seriously.

There were so many nuggets of wisdom learned during the Fashion in Film kick off event. However, the lesson that reigned supreme was to stay true to your art, your creative process and yourself. In turn you will experience the respect of your peers and the sustainability any artist seeks.