11/27/2013 01:22 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

A Universal Love Letter, If You So Wish

Dear You,

I don't know the exact circumstances that have led you to categorize this as your darkest moment, but I don't need to. I feel you, I feel your pain and I can relate to your suffering and the cries in your heart, because I have been there. I have hit rock bottom and I have gotten to a point where I no longer wanted to be here anymore. I know where you are right now and I want you to know that I am with you. And I hold you amidst your exhaustion and desperation. I am here, always. I am sending you love, energy and the courage to start healthily into your new life. You deserve it all and you most certainly deserve the best. Even though it feels so much like everything is such a bloody mess right now.

I hope you find the courage to look at it as the great opportunity for you to break free from old limiting beliefs and to grow into that magnificent, amazing being and soul that you are. This is your calling to redefine what is you, to connect back to who you really are and find peace and strength that is generated inside of you, not dependent on outer circumstances. I wish you with all my being the courage to bravely take one step after another, and heal your heart and mind from the wounds of the losses you have experienced in your life. I wish you the knowledge that you are being loved, endlessly and unconditionally, and that you are worthy of everything you wish for, inside and outside this world. No matter any perceived mistakes, faults or wrongs you might see in you and your actions.

Allow yourself to see your own beauty, your own perfection. Take your time. Take care of yourself in the best possible way, treat yourself right and be gentle on you. Be patient, have faith during this process and try to avoid hurting you. Become your own best friend on this journey. Try to let go gracefully. Let go of the pain, the rage, the anger. Let them go in love for they are no longer serving you. This will pass, believe me. Just breathe. And I know it's almost impossible right now to believe it but I tell you that there will come a time where you will celebrate this exact moment that you are cursing right now. You will cherish this moment as the moment where you finally decided to not give up - but to give in. To give in and allow for everything, including every blessing that is meant for you - to happen. It will be this precise moment where you - broken and open to the bones - decide to take a stand for yourself. You will decide that you are more. You want to be more and have more, and when you reach that point, believe me, so it is and so it shall be for you. It's your choice, always. You are the co-creator, you decide.

I, for my part, have made my choice. I have chosen me some 715 days ago and I am choosing you, each and every single day now. I am choosing all of you. Your darkest, your perceived ugliest parts of you, the ones you fear, hate and are ashamed of. All of you. For when I look at you, I see you for who you really are. And no matter what happens, I will never regret choosing you. Because never in my life have I made such a conscious and heart-felt decision. I know what I want, I know what I deserve. It's the best. And the best for me is you.

I am brave enough, for you, to start and grow into loving fully and embracing every aspect of you, and of me. Of loving without conditions, you and me. Of being open and sharing my heart even when I am scared of an old or a new wound. I am ready to look beyond my own perspective and always ask what you might be needing as well, even if it might differ from me. I am brave to know that I will love you, even when you, or I, think that you deserve it the least. Because in my heart I know there is nothing to be earned in love.

I promise to be that person for you with which you can be a 100% you and I promise to always help you in becoming a greater and greater version of you, if you so wish. I will cherish and respect you always - not for what you do, but for who you are. I am committing fully and consciously to co-creating with you a truly illuminating way to be and love, if you so wish. I will always be willing to learn, grow and heal together with you, and assist you in your own processes in order to make our bond a loving, thriving and fun one that is based on deep gratitude, acceptance and understanding. I take full responsibility to make you and our life together as happy as I wish to be, and I will always promise to not forget me in order for a healthy us to blossom. There will be support, love and heart-felt guidance in every area of our life.

Thank you with every fiber of my heart for showing me daily how much higher and richer a definition of luck is possible since the first day that I met you.

Thank you for the wonderful soul that you are. It is my deepest joy to say Yes to you. To all of you. I will be that light at the end of the tunnel, always.

Hold on. Breathe. Everything is the way it is supposed to be. You will see that soon.