10/16/2014 05:25 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2014

The Importance Behind People Skills

There are many essential life skills a person must learn in order to thrive in life. They often depict a person's level of success, and happiness. Throughout my life adventures, I've learned that people skills are vital to succeeding in the circumstances we face nowadays.

We as kids are always taught to use our best manners when conversing with others, regardless of their position or status. It's essential that we learn how to speak in a professional way so we can deal with tasks in an appropriate and effective way in the future. People skills are extremely important in the workplace, since a healthy environment is needed in order for the company or business to succeed. Recently, I attended an event where a speech was given by the leader the organization. The aspect that caught my attention was his strong emphasis on people skills. There are too many parts of people skills to list, but I wanted to focus on the most important ones to me.

Being a good listener is golden. If you want others to reflect and act upon your ideas, you must be willing to do the same for them. It's important to be humble and keep all ideas in consideration.

Being honest pays off. Being honest is something every young child should be taught. It's essential to be honest if you want to build a healthy relationship and maintain good chemistry with colleagues or friends. Once you've lost someone's trust, it'll take you more than a lifetime to get back to the same level.

Be a problem solver, not creator. It's important to approach issues and problems in a simple yet effective way, in order to maintain a healthy environment and motivate others around you. On a side note, it's also important to not "create" problems as it can easily deteriorate relationships and efficiency. I have participated in numerous group projects and events where I noticed we had a fair share of "debby-downers" who always picked fights or tried to create problems (whether they were present or not). This greatly reduced our productivity and ability to cooperate.

Have a great sense of humor and be joyful. Laughing is actually scientifically proven to be healthy for the body, and is a great stress and pain reliever. It relaxes your mind and triggers chemicals that boost the immune system. Humor can always ease up an argument and relieve tension.

I believe our people skills may be deteriorating as we have drowned ourselves immensely in technology and virtual environments. A perfect example of this situation is the increasing trend of texting and emailing versus talking in person. With that in mind, next time you go to the doctor's office, I encourage you to look up from your mobile device, and have a friendly chat with the person sitting next to you.