01/24/2011 01:33 pm ET Updated Oct 20, 2011

Interview: The Roadmap with Vimeo

The Roadmap is a weekly show by founders Zev Mo Green and Ramon B. Nuez Jr., where they interview NYC-based companies and business leaders. They also investigate web culture trends and how they are affecting companies in the space.


Zev Mo Green and I paid a visit to the beautiful Vimeo headquarters in Chelsea. Deborah Szajngarten - Marketing Communications Director, gave us a quick tour before introducing us to Dae Mellencamp  - General Manager. Now, I have spoken these two fascinating ladies before but there is nothing like meeting in person. As we talked about the interview Andrew Pile -- VP of Product and Development, introduced himself. We came to find out that Andrew is not only VP but he is somewhat of a Vimeo historian. We had a great time speaking with Andrew.