11/04/2010 12:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kinect for XBOX 360: Last Look Before Launch

The date that Microsoft has been building towards has finally arrived -- November 4th. Today, the tech giant finally releases Kinect for XBOX 360 to the world. Last night at the Cross Roads of the World -- there was a massive Dance Central marketing campaign. Hundreds of professional dancers took to the streets of Times Square and danced. While spectators enjoyed the show the first Kinect system was sold -- by Don Mattrick-- at the 42nd Street Toys 'R' Us.

In a Bloomberg interview -- Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, explains, "Based on pre-sales, retail orders and consumer interest, the company expects to exceed a previous forecast of 3 million units."

A few days before the official launch -- Microsoft invited a handful of outlets and their families to have one last look before the November 4th launch. What made this event special was that we were looking at the final product. Zev Green and I have been on this journey for the past twelve months and we have seen Kinect mature with each visit. The two of us took a more passive role at this event because we wanted to witness how others -- who have never played with Kinect -- would react.

We saw adults jump in and start dancing -- we saw kids throwing javelins -- we saw cooperative play amongst strangers and most entertaining of all; we saw a very competitive five-year old playing with his dad. The XBOX team has simply done a very nice job in creating a platform that engages everyone.

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Director -- Alex Kipman. Let's hear why Alex thinks Kinect is a revolutionary system.