11/05/2010 05:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

T-Mobile Is Now "America's Largest 4G Network"

As the debate over which  mobile operator actually has a 4G network wages on -- what is not in doubt is the fierce competition between the carriers -- Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Having the largest 4G network is the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, the debate wages on as to what is actually 4G and that argument is further complicated by the alphabet soup of air interfaces -- HSPA+, WiMAX, LTE and LTE Advanced. What do all these acronyms mean? In layman's terms -- really fast mobile broadband. A fast network enables the carrier to provide better services like video conferencing and better handsets like the T-Mobile myTouch 4G.

T-Mobile states that they have the Holy Grail -- "America's Largest 4G network." Magenta lists the following reasons why they can make that claim:
  • T-Mobile's network offers theoretical peak throughput speeds of 21Mbps -- three times the theoretical speeds of today's 3G (HSPA 7.2).
  • T-Mobile's HSPA+ network is the largest 4G network in the U.S. today -- reaching 75 major metropolitan areas across the U.S. (with Fiber Ethernet backhaul in place).
  • Customers can choose from a variety of devices that run on our 4G network including the T-Mobile G2 with Google, T-Mobile myTouch 4G and the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 4G, as well as broadband products such as the webConnect Rocket 2.0 Laptop Stick.
  • Next year, T-Mobile is planning to upgrade the network to support even faster 4G speeds (theoretical peak speeds of 42 Mbps) without the need for additional nationwide spectrum acquisitions. This upgrade is expected to double the average and peak data rates available to customers with suitably equipped devices.

T-Mobile's network is one if the best kept secrets in the industry. We are doing things a little different from our competitors. HSPA+ is a vibrant ecosystem that currently enjoys the support of one hundred operators. These operators are committed to HSPA+. Thanks to that level of support T-Mobile is looking at multiple smartphone and tablet offerings.

-- Chris Hillabrant, Regional VP of Engineering at T-Mobile

On Tuesday, November 2nd, Magenta launched a new marketing campaign. The latest TV commercial took direct aim at AT&T and aired on major network -- ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and TNT. Here is the commercial on T-Mobile's YouTube channel -- it should have a familiar look and feel.