11/15/2012 12:03 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

Medical Mistake: Sending the Homeless Home

It sounds like such a simple hospital order. A person seems stable so the doctor signs a form to discharge them to home. But what happens when the patient is homeless?

Read this insightful piece from someone on the frontlines, who believes that sending a homeless patient home is as negligent as operating on the wrong side of the body or leaving a sponge inside someone after surgery. And it only adds to the cost of the health care system.

"Discharging homeless patients to the streets after hospitalization," writes Dr. Kelly Doran, a Yale emergency room physician and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar, should be added to the doctor's "never" list. As in these things should never happen. She has some ideas about how to fix the system.

Check out her blog here.