10/22/2012 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

Bachmann's Twin in Congress

Michele Bachmann, Queen of the Extreme, brings in the big bucks with her far right, religiously fundamentalist agenda. I am embarrassed she represents my state of Minnesota in the House of Representatives. Bachmann loves every bit of attention she gets with her outrageously extreme statements. It makes us all cringe each time we see her face pop up in the news knowing once more Minnesota is tagged as her home and friends from other states joke about where we live.

We like to say that really isn't Minnesota but unfortunately, my family lives in a congressional district that has a Bachmann twin. Erik Paulsen is our Congressman and he votes with Bachmann 93% of the time. Michele Bachmann may fit her district well but I don't think Paulsen truly represents Minnesota's 3rd congressional district. While Bachmann fans the flames hoping to attract attention, Paulsen stays quiet so he slides under the radar and gets re-elected. Our district is not the same as the one that elects Bachmann. We are more moderate, more diverse and should not be represented by a Bachmann twin.

We have a Democratic candidate this year who is taking on Paulsen with a new vigor and shines a light on just how close Paulsen is tied to Bachmann's stands which are contrary to the sensible positions taken by most people living in our district. Brian Barnes is a moderate and he fits our district well. I am hoping Brian Barnes gets his message out to the people in our district so they realize that right now we are represented by a man who is a Bachmann twin. The people of our district would not vote for Bachmann and if they really study Paulsen's record, they shouldn't be voting for him either.

Jim Ramstad held that seat in Congress for many years before he retired from politics. He was a Republican who was considered a moderate on most issues. Paulsen won Ramstad's old seat using Ramstad's distinctive orange and black colors but that is where the similarities ended. We didn't get a moderate Republican representing us. We got a Michele Bachmann Tea Partier.

Brian Barnes will catch people's attention with his new television ad. Barnes uses humor to share just how close Paulsen is to Bachmann. The ad may be humorous but I hope people in my district are moved to seriously study Paulsen's voting record. Paulsen's silence should not be his ticket to another term in office. It is time our district elects a person who truly shares the values we all hold dear.