09/05/2012 12:46 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

Sisters Are Doing It All Themselves

While watching Tuesday night's DNC speeches in Charlotte, a colorful scene caught my eye. The scene was comprised of brightly dressed, prominent ladies of the Democratic Party, the group I'm officially nicknaming, the Multihued Multitude. The Honorable Nydia M. Velázquez, who proudly spoke of her Puerto Rican descent, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who alleged "no longer will being a woman be a pre-existing medical condition" and Lilly Ledbetter who drew applause with her opening, "equal pay for equal work is an American value". These women filled the stage with their vivacious energy and as a woman, I was riveted.

Equally, I was also struck by the overall blatant draw of the female vote orchestrated by both parties. This week in Charlotte, it is obvious that everyday women have somehow deciphered the subliminal messages from our political leaders. Walking the streets, you may just pass someone dressed in a giant vagina costume, or a parade of pink shirt wearing Planned Parenthood supporters. Thus far, women have been a target audience of both conventions. But is it really working, or are the women of the nation rolling their eyes and changing the channel?

In this election, politicians are salivating for the women's vote. But what is really at stake for women in 2012? The rhetoric suggests backroom conversations about eliminating the female genus entirely. In an attempt to recall the origin the intense focus on the better half of the nation, I started thinking. Initially, Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" came to mind, but Republicans have made ridiculous statements before so that cannot be it. Then I remembered, the polls suggesting that politician's wives have been more likeable than their husbands. Just reference Michelle Obama and Ann Romney's perspective convention speeches, they were nothing short of extraordinary. Their husbands, well I cannot yet speak for President Obama, but Mitt Romney's convention speech was a hair short of a snoozer.

But then, maybe it's just our turn in the spotlight. After all, there are only so many topics powerful enough to change the course of an election. The topic of women is as good as any. Also, let's face it; no one would go for America's Attack on Men. So hey, I know the politicians are pandering to my sex, and playing on women's fears to acquire votes. But the fact of the matter is I enjoyed watching the ladies tonight, they were inspiring and refreshing. I tip my hat to the Multihued Multitude for adding color to what was once drab and grey.