10/03/2014 05:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Tips for Sending the Perfect Thank You Card


"Thank you" means much more than two words. The significance behind putting pen to paper can make or break how people view your wedding.

While the big day may be over, your duty is not done. Trust me, people are waiting on that one last final element. So here are three tips to make sure you are doing everything you can do to say "Thank You."

1. Timing Is Everything

Most wedding etiquette books will say you have one year to send out your thank you cards. Nope, sorry my friends, it's three months -- tops. If you had a summer wedding and the leaves have already changed color, my mom and her friends are already bitching that they didn't receive your thank you card.

After all of the madness of wedding planning, writing a thank you letter may be the last thing on your mind, but it is still the first thing on everyone else's. They gave up their time and money to be a part of your day, and at the very least expect a hand written letter in return.

Most guests also want confirmation that their gift or card was received. Lots of things can go misplaced or lost during the hustle and bustle of the night. Knowing it was accounted for would ease their minds. So be sure not only to say thank you, but more importantly in a timely manner!

2. Personalize and Plan Ahead

Remember when I said people expect a hand written letter? I stress the words hand written. Don't even dare think of having generic ones printed. It's worse than not sending one at all.

Yes, personalizing hundreds of thank you's takes tons of time, but it's priority and you should plan ahead for it. Order your thank you notes months before your wedding even takes place, that way you are ready to write them on the plane ride to the honeymoon.

My husband and I knocked out ours on the flights to and from Bora Bora. Our thank you's were sent a week after the wedding. Not only was everyone pleasantly surprised, but we were relieved to have one less thing to worry about as well.

3. Vendors Deserve Gratitude Too

Yes, all of your vendors may enjoy receiving a thank you card from you, but you know what they would enjoy more? A five-star review on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Yelp, or any other site of their choosing.

It's very easy for people to log on and post negative comments or complain about certain companies, but positive reviews are just as crucial. So if your planner, florist, or DJ went above and beyond, be sure to show them some social media love and thank those who made your day possible! If you were pleased with them, you should let other couples know they would be pleased with them as well.

In the end, a simple thank you goes a long way, so don't let neglecting them negate all of the fun everyone had on your big day!