07/09/2014 10:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

World Cup Photo Diary: Home Team Loss

My last week in Brazil will not be a happy one after Germany destroyed the home team and eliminated them from the final of the World Cup. After my live show I watched the game on TV in the neighborhood of Lagoa in Rio in the second floor of a shopping center. It was a much different scene from what I have observed over the past few weeks. Gone were the happy, excited, proud people. It looked more like a funeral. Before I watched the game I had artist Romero Britto on my show. Romero is in town for the finals and to launch a new watch. Last night we had great seafood at Peixaria an Italian restaurant. My show was live yesterday from the roof of a 44th floor of a building with the most amazing view of the city and 24 beaches.

Filming Yesterday's Show Before Brazil Lost

With Artist Romero Britto

Seafood Dinner at Peixaria

View from the 44th floor