05/10/2012 10:37 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2012

Lag Ba'Gay Marriage: A Collection of Haikus

Obama's statement
Headlines or just the pre-game?
Flaming Holiday

The rains are coming
A fire in the City?
All head to Brooklyn

The Hod'iest Hod
The Holy of the Holies
Holy Moly dude

Go fire up the grill
Celebrate Ye Carnivores
Kohen Salary

Aaron's Legacy
With or without the 'Temple'
That's Hod Sh'B'Hod

On Lag Ba'omer
Hassidim take to the streets
What do litvaks do?

Help connect the dots
Gay marriage -- lag ba'omer
Future wedding dates!

Lag in a nutshell
Fire, frummies, mountains, oh my!
Excited to shave

The story not heard
Lot's daughters commit incest
which begat David

From King David's line
Bar Yochai and Reb Nachman
Schneerson too? Doubt it.

Why are we waiting?
Messiah has arrived and
She's pro gay marriage

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