04/05/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Made in America: SakéOne Premium Saké (video)

Forest Grove, Oregon - Believed to have originated in Japan around 300 B.C., saké is an aromatic, flavorful, and smooth tasting drink that is made from fermented rice. If you have never before tasted saké, Greg Lorenz suggests you imagine a gin and tonic drink mixed with riesling wine-- at about 18% alcohol, that will get you into the flavor realm of saké.

And he should know. Lorenz is one of less than a handful of saké brewers in the country. In terms of the brewing process, saké falls closer to beer since it's made from grain (in this case, rice), but its "temperament and flavor" according to Lorenz, is closer to white wine. Still, saké is classified as its own category of alcoholic beverage, separate and distinct from beer or wine.

As Lorenz explains in the video, his company SakéOne, is trying to develop a national market for domestic premium saké, inspired by traditional Japanese saké methods, and brewing processes, but expressly designed for the American palette.

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