11/07/2014 11:42 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2015

5 Steps to Soulful Self-Love

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We keep hearing about self-love and how to nurture and care for ourselves. Self-love is pretty straight forward. It is about taking care of our bodies and mind through time and practices of self-care.

So what is soulful self-love? It is learning to love and care for our inner-self, our soul. Within each person there is a true being, the one who continues on even after death. Without this inner-being or soul our outer-self cannot soar.

Self-love is essential to living a happy and fulfilled life. Listening to and caring for the voice within will expand the consciousness of the world. This is soulful self-love.

Inside each person is a love for life, people, nature, animals, words, everything. We all have it. This voice has just been quieted by life, expectations, the have to's and judgments. Sit quietly from time to time so you can focus in on this internal love.

How do we achieve Soulful Self-Love?

1. First off we must find our inner-self. This has many possible roads. Becoming conscious of your definitions and which ones are authentic is crucial. Who are you? What is important to you? And I mean you, not what has defined you. Stop listening to the voice of others and what they think you are supposed to be. Start off with listing your definitions. What defines you? What do you want to define you?

2. Secondly, accept yourself for all that you are. Believe in your goodness, your strength and your power. You need to be your biggest fan. Without the support of yourself, you will be hiding and therefore invisible to the world. If you can't be seen or heard your voice will not have the power it deserves.

3. Next, it is time to find your power. What gives you power. What fuels your heart? Find this power and harvest it. Go wherever it is to get this power, travel the world, dance on table tops, dye your hair pink. Do whatever it takes. Go wherever you need to find your power. Get enough for reserves, just in case, but never stop harvesting your power.

4. Fourth in line is external self-love. You must love the body you are in. It gives you life. Without it you can't flourish and shine. Once you learn to accept your body, as is, with no excuses, your beauty will increase to levels beyond your imagination. It's amazing what self-acceptance can do for looks.

5. Finally, the outside world. This is love for the world around you. Connect with the energy around you, people, nature, and even the wind. You are surrounded by the soulful breath of the world, breathe it in and embrace it. Find your connection, not just with your neighbors, but with people across the globe. We are all one in the same, no matter our gender, race, color, age or beliefs. Love all beings with all your energy. Lay down your opinions and judgments and accept love as the way to be.

Through soulful self-love you will find a peace that you forgot existed. Love the you within and let your light shine.