04/22/2014 12:29 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2014

It May Just Be Time for a Change

Andy Roberts via Getty Images

If you were to get a dollar each day for the entirety of your life and you lived to be 75 years old, you wouldn't even have $30,000 -- a whole life and less than $30,000. There's not much you can buy with that money, but if this was all the money you had to live your life with, would you think really carefully about how you spent it? Would you waste it, leaving you with nothing for the rest of your life? Would you guard every cent, making sure you used it to the best of your knowledge? Really, stop and think for a moment, not about what you would spend it on but how you would value the money? How would you choose to ration those dollars?

Let's change perspective a bit. Let's change dollars to days. If you are lucky enough to live to 75, it ends up being less than 30,000 days of life. This is a shocking realization and an eye-opening, punch-in-the-gut blow. Thirty thousand days to live?! The clock is ticking. The sun is setting. How do you want to live your remaining days? It just may be time to make the changes allowing you to live your remaining days to the fullest and most glorious you can imagine. It just may be time for a change.

The other day, I got in my car -- which has already lived over 3,000 of my days with me -- and saw that the electronic dashboard was telling me the oil life of my car was at 15 percent. Time for an oil change, a simple change that will give my car energy, clean pipes and the oomph to make it more days with me.

I woke up the other morning and stripped the sheets off the bed. Time for a change. I mean, who doesn't like to get in bed at night to nice clean sheets? It takes changing to have this luxury.

Change is all around us. Everything needs changing, every so often. Change is good. Imagine if we never changed the oil in our car, our sheets or our clothes. Are you getting what I am trying to get at? Gross. We would all be stinky, dirty and having dreams of filth, and our cars would be dead on the road. Change is an essential part of growth and life. Change is necessary to evolve the mind and soul. Change can be scary but it is necessary, not only in an object but in ourselves.

Bringing change to ourselves is definitely one of the hardest changes to make. We don't want to have flaws. It is a lot of difficult work. We are scared of what comes with change. We don't want to upset our lives or those around us. There are too many obstacles. How many of us dream of a change though? We want a new job, to move to a different climate, to follow a passion, to trade in a relationship? We all have and will desire change. It is part of our evolution. The problem arises when we stifle change and hide behind routine. Following your heart and going for the change is good, necessary and welcomed by the universe.

How do you know it is time for a change? Simple, you feel it. Listen to your thoughts. Listen to your heart and soul. There are whispers and shouts telling you it is time. Look to your internal dashboard for the reminder. You just need to listen. The knowing is already there.

Why is change good? Change can jump start your life. It can make you excited about life. Do the math. How many days do you have left in this world? Do you really want to live those remaining days not going for the changes your heart, soul and mind desire? How do you want to live your remaining days? I know for a fact that I want to live, I want to do, I want to explore and I want to know true, unbounded happiness. I no longer want to hide behind what has defined me and in essence has controlled my movements.

Listen for the whispers and the shouts that are asking you to make the changes necessary to live the life you most want. Use your remaining days to live your dreams, to light your fire and to feel true happiness. It will take guts but it is all good. Clean your engine, quit your job, sky dive, cut your hair, love your neighbor. Do it before it is too late. The days are ticking away.

What are you ready to change?