06/01/2015 02:28 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2016

Living as the Reflection You Want to See

"The girl in the mirror wasn't who I wanted to be and her life wasn't the one I wanted to have." -- Francesca Lia Block, Pink Smog

Waking up each day offers new possibilities. Each day we have the ability to create new and exciting experiences and possibilities. We have a say in how our day goes. It starts very simply. It starts in a reflection.

A mirror reflects back to us that which it sees. When you stand before a mirror you get a direct reflection of what you currently look like. If you have a red long-sleeved shirt on you see yourself in that exact long-sleeved red shirt. You wouldn't see yourself in a black short-sleeved shirt. That wouldn't be possible because a mirror can only reflect you exactly as you are at the time of looking into said mirror.

The Universe is like a mirror. It reflects.

The Universe can be defined in many ways. It is the stars and galaxies. It is matter and energy. My Universe, the one I associate with, is human experience through divine power. The Universe is what we are all consciously and subconsciously a part of. Some may call it God, or the Divine. The Universe is that which holds all things in its grasps. We are all Universal Energy, part of the Big U.

The Universe, which holds us, empowers us through symbolically walking hand and hand with us, taking us where we want to go and giving us exactly what we ask for. There is nothing the Universe won't give us. We just have to ask. But how do we ask?

The Universe reflects back to us that which we give. It is in sense a mirror. If we put out kindness, the Universe reflects kindness back to us. If we put out negativity, the Universe reflects negativity back to us. It is quite simple. It is like the example up above, if we are wearing red the mirror reflects our image wearing red. The Universe works exactly in the same way.

The Universe wants exactly what we want and it learns what we want through our thoughts and actions.

Here is where you can become quite powerful. If the Universe can deliver what you want you must get very clear on what it is you want. Your thoughts must be very clear here.

If you want to be happy, you must have happy thoughts and believe in happy. If you want to experience abundance you must put forth abundant thoughts. If your thoughts tend toward lack and not having enough, what will the Universe deliver to you? Exactly, lack and not having enough.

The Universe is a mirror of what you put out. This is your chance to be powerful, decide what it is you want, put it out there into the Universe and watch it reflect back to you.

So tell me when you look at your Universal reflection, what do you see? Is it what you were hoping for? If not, how can you change your thoughts to be the reflection of what you want?