06/16/2014 01:49 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2014

When You Know It's Time

Not too long ago I wrote an article about if you are lucky, you have around 30,000 days to live. This is from birth, not from this moment. Now do the math. How old are you, multiplied by 365 then subtracting the 30,000 days, which is equivalent to living to roughly 75 years old. How many possible days do you have remaining? Now this isn't about how do you want to live those remaining days. It is about how you don't want to live them.

I see too many people stuck in a job or relationship that sucks the life out of them. These situations physically make them sick yet they won't leave them. Why? Because they are scared about what would happen or they convince themselves they are not ready. It sometimes feels easier to stay in a bad situation than to take the leap. So, you can either stay in a situation that makes you unhappy and possibly can affect your overall health, or leave the draining situation for a new scary adventure that if you are following your inner voice will ultimately, after some bumps and bruises, give you a life of joy.

Imagine a woman waking up every morning with dread being her first thought. It is time for her to get up and start the day. First off, getting the kids up, the fights and struggles, getting them breakfast and dressed for school. All that is relatively painless. The real dread comes from getting herself ready for the day. She must get dressed, fed and then off to work. She hates her job, really hates it. It consumes her every thought, what she is doing, who she is surrounded by, the demeaning manner in which her boss treats her. Her insides ache from shear exhaustion of her moment-to-moment dread. Her anxiety peaks as her day moves on. Her jaw aches from clenching so hard in her sleep. She is mentally unstimulated. She lacks challenge. The clock reads 5 p.m. She can go home. Except home isn't the respite she needs. Home is more doing for others, cooking, cleaning, homework, then bedtime. After the day she is too exhausted to do anything for herself. Instead she passes out, has a poor nights sleep, to wake up and do it all again.

Does this scenario sound familiar, even a bit? If so, it is time to reassess your life. Choose to live life being excited about your day. Choose to wake up with enthusiasm about what lies ahead. It isn't just about making the best of what you have, it is about changing what isn't working. Yes, it is hard to quit a job or end a relationship. We live in the need of money and companionship and yes they are actual needs. There are ways though to get around, under or through these obstacles. It is time to get creative. It is time to rearrange your bills. It is time to cut expenses. Do you really need that new car, or new clothes, or a bigger than necessary house? Do you really need the false security of being in a relationship? Ultimately, what would make you happier, a big house, or waking up everyday with excitement?

So how do you put this concept into action? First off, take a breath, then another and another, and honor yourself for admitting the need to make a change. Now it is time to get brainstorming.

1.) What is it in your life that needs a major change, a job, or a relationship?

2.) Come clean with yourself. It will be hard but it will be very freeing to admit this. Be honest.

3.) Get out a pen and paper and just start free writing first what you don't want. What isn't working for you? What is bringing you down?

4.) Now, start coming up with solutions. Let yourself feel. Through your feelings you will discover your truth.

This isn't a time for excuses or giving yourself a year to get things straight. If what you are doing doesn't make you happy and has an effect on your well being then you need to get moving, Now! You can start with small steps, just get stepping and don't stop. Find your inner guidance and allow it to help you. Trust your gut. Trust your intuition. You know what is right. What may be difficult is admitting that this change has to be now.

It's time to give yourself permission. Choose happiness and get the hell off of Dread Road.