08/21/2014 08:24 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Changes... And Hope

A lot has happened in my life since the last time I posted. I moved to Portland about four weeks ago because as much as I enjoyed living in Bend, I just wasn't making any progress in finding a job. I'm temporarily staying with friends, whom I can't thank enough, because without their generosity in letting me stay with them, I wouldn't have been able to make the move.

Last week I had interviews at a local university and a local public-school system, and I feel like the interviews went really well. Really well! So I feel very optimistic that I will be receiving a job offer, hopefully this week. Rarely do I feel like I ever do exceptionally well at interviews, but I feel like I nailed the one on Friday. I feel like I did everything I can possibly do to get the job, including having a very good cover letter and résumé; doing my homework in preparing for the interview; dressing professionally and presenting myself well; being personable and articulate; asking good, meaningful questions; and following up with thank-you notes to the interviewers. I feel like the stars have aligned and this is my time. So now I wait, which is always the hardest part.

The move here has also been good for me as far as developing a social life. I've made it a point to get out and do things so that I meet people. For too long I relied on the Internet to meet people, and that is just not a very productive way of doing it. There is no substitute for getting out and meeting people in person.

My sister has been up visiting this week from California, and we had the absolute most wonderful time this weekend exploring downtown Portland and eating some really good food, and yesterday we went to the zoo! It was so nice seeing her, and it made me realize how special she is and how much I love her. It was a weekend full of special memories that I will never forget.

So that is where my life is at right now. This week is going to be pivotal for my future, which is both exciting and scary. But I feel good, I feel happy, and I feel like my time to move forward is now!