09/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Democratic Convention Citizen Photo Essay: Maximum Exposure

WANTED: Photos and videos taken during the Democratic National Convention by tourists, Denver residents, bloggers, superdelegates, delegates, staffers, journalists, and activists. Got photos or videos? Format images to 400 x 300 pixels and send them with captions to Rebecca Shapiro at

HuffPost's OffTheBus is partnering with USC Annenberg's Center on Communication Leadership and the Institute for Photographic Empowerment to support citizen coverage of the Democratic Convention. Several photo editors will be available around the clock during the Denver DNC to upload and caption photos and videos submitted by Huffington Post readers. Your role is to do your best to document your Convention experience. We want to see the grand and the mundane. Who did you run into in the hotel lobby? What does a caucus look like? What do delegates do in their free time? And what goes down at those late night after parties?

Not attending the conventions? No problem. Whether you attend a rally, community forum, or watch the convention from the comfort of your home, send us your photographs or videos depicting your engagement with the political process.

SUBMISSION: Submit your images, completed slideshows or video footage and editors will post your work here at the Huffington Post. You will be credited for your work. Already posting to your blog or website? Send us the url and we'll take care of the rest.

Again, remember to crop your photos (400x300 pixels) and then send them with captions to campaigntrail AT Put "Convention photos" in the email subject line. For videos, put "Video" in the subject line. Full guidelines are below. Links to all slideshows will be available here on our photo project homepage.

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* CAPTIONS: Each submission must have a caption including a brief description of the image as well as precise information about the location, date and time the photograph was taken. Please identify individuals where possible. Photos sent without captions will not be published.

* SLIDESHOWS: Submit a completed slideshow. Each image should be formatted to 400pxls x 300pxls and include a caption. You may include an audio track or music in your slideshow.

* INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHS: Please save files as a jpeg, format photographs to 400pxls x 300pxls and include a caption.

* LINKS: You may submit links to your personal blog, webpage or online album if you have already uploaded your images. Please be sure to indicate which photographs are for submission. Failure to specify photos will prevent your submission from being published. Photographs must be formatted in the aforementioned manner and include captions.

* CELL PHONE PICTURES: We are interested in receiving pictures from your cell phone. Please submit images in the appropriate format to the best of your ability.

CONTACT: Feel free to contact Rebecca Shapiro at if you have any questions or concerns.

PUBLISHING TIMELINE: We want to upload your images rapidly so sending them in the correct format is imperative. We will notify you when your images have been published. Please note that correct submission is not a guarantee that your work will be published. This is in no way a reflection of your photography skills but rather a reality of keeping photographs timely to current news events.

Getting published at the Huffington Post does not restrict you from publishing your photos elsewhere. By submitting your photos to us, you give us permission to use your photos as we'd like.