11/24/2014 04:48 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2015

6 Illinois Counties With Some of the Highest Sales Tax

On top of the regular cost of buying everyday things, most Illinoisans also have to pay three different sales taxes on top of the price of goods. That's right, three. Illinois state sales tax is currently set at 6.25 percent, and city sales-tax varies throughout the state. Among the state's 103 counties, there are several different sales tax brackets around Illinois.

Illinois' state sales tax is 6.25 percent -- most goods bought in the state will come with this extra charge tacked on and headed straight for Springfield. (Some things, like food at restaurants, groceries and cars are subject to different rates.) Plus, every county in the state levies its own sales tax and many cities charge their own sales tax on top of that. When all is said and done, that reindeer sweater you bought for Grandpa not only put a present under his tree, but also money in the pockets of the governments in the capitol, your county and your city.

Here's a list six counties in Illinois with some of the highest sales taxes, from the Illinois Department of Revenue.

12. Saint Clair County 7.35%

11. Union County 7.50%

10.Macon County 7.50%

9. Knox County 7.50%

8. Champaign County 7.50%

7. Pike County 7.75%

Check out the top six highest sales taxes in Illinois at Reboot Illinois and a graphic that lays it all out--the top rate probably isn't where you think it is. Perhaps you'll find yourself needing to drive to the next county next time you need to run to the grocery store.

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