12/19/2014 04:58 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2015

7 New Illinois Laws You're Going to Want to Know in the New Year

Not knowing a law is not considered a legal defense for not following it. So don't get caught unawares -- new laws will take effect in Illinois in 2015 that could affect the daily life of average Illinoisans. Get up to speed on what new rules you'll be expected to follow in the new year.

Here are seven of the new laws:

1. E-Cigs

  • Must be kept behind store counters and out of reach from children.
  • Vapor refills must come in child-proof packaging.

2. Upped speed limits

  • The speed limit on the state's tollways and interstates will increase to 70 mph; 60 mph for semis.

3. Traffic stops

  • No more ticket quota system for police.
  • If you get pulled over and are issued a ticket, your driver's license won't be held as bond.

4. Pregnancy in the workplace

  • Employers must provide pregnant workers with reasonable accommodations, or face civil rights violation accusations

5. Homeowner damage disclosure

Home sellers must disclose any door or window damage, including:
  • flood damage
  • lead paint
  • asbestos
  • meth lab

6. Beer tax and milk definitions

  • The beer tax will extend to hard ciders.
  • Milk definition now includes sheep, water buffalo and other hooved animals.

7. Medical marijuana to treat seizures

  • Children who suffer from seizures can qualify for cannabidiol (CBD), which is an orally-administered liquid to treat epilepsy (not the leafy stuff).

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