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9 of the Best-rated TV Shows Set in Illinois

Chances are that people who have never even been to Illinois or Chicago have some idea of what it's like here: the brutal weather, the corrupt politicians, the iconic pizza. And they probably got most of those ideas from watching TV shows set in the Windy City and beyond.

There have been dozens of shows set, shot and produced in Chicago and Illinois as a whole since the inception of television. The International Movie Database compiled a list of almost 900 user-rated TV shows. 19 of the 859 shows are set in Illinois. Here are nine of the best user-rated set in Illinois. Users rated each show out of 10 stars, and aggregate scores determined each show's ranking. The overall rankings are included in parenthesis.

19. (851) Shake it Up (Disney)


Stars: 4.8

Years aired: 2010-2013

18. (802) Mike and Molly (CBS)


Stars: 6.5

Years aired: 2010-present

17. (798) Family Matters (ABC)


Stars: 6.5

Years aired: 1989-1998

16. (716) Roseanne (ABC)


Stars: 7

Years aired: 1988-1997

15. (583) Samantha Who? (ABC)


Stars: 7.5

Years aired: 2007-2009

14. (549) Early Edition (CBS)


Stars: 7.5

Years aired: 1996-2000

13. (471) ER (NBC)


Stars: 7.7

Years aired: 1994-2009

12. (461) The Chicago Code (FOX)


Stars: 7.7

Years aired: 2011

11. (452) Happy Endings (ABC)


Stars: 7.7

Years aired: 2011-2013

Check out Reboot Illinois to see the Top 10 Best User-Rated Shows set in Illinois, including some current hits and forever classics. Plus, find links to where you can watch the shows online.

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