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Chicago Public Schools Fast Facts

The Chicago Public Schools district is the biggest school district in Illinois, and as negotiations heat up between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Board of Education over a new contract proposal that would end the seven percent pension contribution pick-up paid by Chicago Public Schools, we thought it would be helpful to see some important facts and statistics.

Using the latest available data from CPS, Illinois Report Card and the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund, check out these fast facts about CPS. Click on the image below to see the full infographic.


In case you have any issues reading the infographic above, here is a plain-text version below:
Number of schools: 664

  • Elementary/middle: 422
  • Charter: 127
  • High schools: 105
  • Combination: 10 (schools that serve elementary and high school grade levels)

Employees: 41,579

  • 22,519 teachers
  • Elementary student-teacher ratio: 23.5
  • High school student-teacher ratio: 19.8

Students: 396,683 (2014-15 20th day enrollment figures)

  • Pre-school: 22,873
  • Kindergarten: 28,978
  • Elementary (grades 1-8): 232,825
  • Secondary (grades 9-12): 112,007

Low-income students: 86.02 percent

English Language Learners (ELL): 16.7 percent

Average class size: 24

Check out Reboot Illinois to learn more about Chicago Public Schools, including the academic performance of the students enrolled there and the district's financial state--pensions, budget and all.

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