07/28/2014 11:04 am ET Updated Sep 27, 2014

LinkedIn Groups You Should Join if You're Looking for a Job

The Internet has spawned a new era of job searching. LinkedIn groups have further refined the online job search process.

Unless you're old school and believe in scouring the local newspaper's classified section, online job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed have changed the way people look and apply for positions.

While such websites bring thousands of job openings to your computer screen, hiring companies are now inundated with applications because of how easy it is to send them electronically, which is compounded by the fact a lot of people are looking for work.

But, there are also new tools at job seekers' disposal to network and find a career that suits them, notably LinkedIn.

Scott Kane, founder and partner of the career coaching and networking services firm Gray Hair Management, couldn't stress enough just how important LinkedIn is in today's job market during a June 26th interview.

"I would tell you that 99.5 percent of all recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile before they even call you," Kane said. "Everybody told me they used LinkedIn to not only search for candidates, but to review candidates credentials. So by the time they call you, they already know about you."

Kane also noted those who do not utilize LinkedIn are at a "big disadvantage."

Here are some of the top job seeker groups you should join if you're hoping to expand your network and find a career.

1. Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections! - 1,798,501 members

One of the largest groups for job seekers on LinkedIn.

2. Linked:HR - 900,173 members

This group, which is run by Next Dimension Media, is one of the largest groups for hiring managers, corporate recruiters, headhunters, HR consultants and also one of the most active for "group discussions."

3. The Recruitment Network - 355,688 members

Aims at bringing people together who are dedicated to "open networking with innovation, integrity and transparency."

4. Executive Suite - 274,827 members

Operated by ExecuNet, this group provides insight from and connects you with U.S.-based business leaders, career coaches, executive recruiters and corporate hiring decision makers.

5. JOBS 2.0 - 159,569 members, or for Jobs 2.0 - Midwest - 4,779 members

Job Search 2.0 helps members find work by utilizing the latest in social and professional network technology.

6. Next Dimension Careers - 122,425 members

Next Dimension Careers is one of the largest recruiters' groups on LinkedIn and helps top candidates find jobs quickly and efficiently.

7. A Job Needed - A Job Posted - 51,670 members

For any and all LinkedIn members searching for employment, as well as recruiters who help members find opportunities.

8. - 40,577 members


The official job search group on LinkedIn for

9. Career Central (sponsored by - 33,965 members

If you're in the midst of a career transition, this group networks you with recruiters, hiring managers and career coaches who can make the transition easier.

10. Talent HQ - 27,183 members

A group for job seekers, recruiters and HR professionals interested in expanding their professional networks.

11. Looking for a Job? - 21,330 members

This group allows job seekers to share ideas, network, provide advice on job market trends, post jobs and help individuals find meaningful work.

12. Jobs Alert - 20,936 members

A global job search group specifically for for middle and senior-level managers.

Check out the 13 other LinkedIn groups at Reboot Illinois to see who you should be networking with if you're looking for a job.

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