07/16/2014 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Plan a Fun Summer Getaway in Illinois to These 10 parks

ROAD TRIP! Looking to get the family out of the house and on the road? With gas prices climbing, you may want to stay a bit closer to home this summer -- look no further than your own backyard. Check out these great Illinois parks.


1. Starved Rock State Park

Location: Utica


2. Shawnee National Forest

Location: Harrisburg


3. Garden of the Gods

Location: Harrisburg (in the Shawnee National Forest)


4. The Morton Arboretum

Location: Lisle


5. Matthiessen State Park

Location: Utica

6. Lake Katherine Trail

Location: Palos Heights


7. Cave-in-Rock State Park

Location: Cave-in-Rock

8. Busse Woods

Location: Elk Grove


9. Apple River Canyon State Park

Location: Apple River


10. Castle Rock State Park

Location: Oregon


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