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Top Schools in Illinois Biggest School Districts

Illinois' 2014 statewide races are over, but now it's time to get to work on making the state better, which starts with a better education system for Illinois' students. But first we have to reflect on where we are now before we can move forward.

The Illinois State Board of Education released its annual Report Card with ratings and summaries of stats about schools across Illinois for the 2013-2014 school year.

We looked at the 25 biggest school districts in the state (across all grade levels) and then picked out the school within each district that is doing the best, or, in other words, had the highest percentage of students who meet or exceed expectations. The list is ranked by school district enrollment size for the 2013-2014 academic year, according to the Illinois State Board of Education. Per-pupil spending includes operational and instructional spending. Note the wide range in per pupil spending in this list. Interesting range of average class sizes, too.

Check out the top schools for Illinois' 25 through 16th-biggest school district:

25. Cons SD 158

School: Conley Elementary School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 81.6%
Average class size: 21
Per-pupil spending: $13,416

24. Champaign CUSD 4

School: Vernon L Barkstall Elementary School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 69.7%
Average class size: 19
Per-pupil spending: $19,905

23. Joliet PSD 86

School: Eisenhower Academy
Meets/exceeds expectations: 94.1%
Average class size: 24
Per-pupil spending: $15,350

22. Township HSD 214

School: Prospect High School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 82.9%
Average class size: 23
Per-pupil spending: $30,889

21. Township HSD 211

School: Wm. Fremd High School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 82.3%
Average class size: 23
Per-pupil spending: $27,122

20. Palatine CCSD 15

School: Pleasant Hill Elementary School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 88.7%
Average class size: 23
Per-pupil spending: $19,363

19. Aurora West USD 129

School: Fearn Elementary School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 67.6%
Average class size: 27
Per-pupil spending: $18,334

18. Cicero SD 99

School: Abe Lincoln Elementary School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 43.8%
Average class size: 22
Per-pupil spending: $15,010

17. CUSD 200

School: Longfellow Elementary School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 86.8%
Average class size: 24
Per-pupil spending: $19,606

16. St Charles CUSD 303

School: Bell-Graham Elementary School
Meets/exceeds expectations: 86.8%
Average class size: 24
Per-pupil spending: $18,960

See the top schools for Illinois' 15 biggest school districts, including Chicago Public Schools, at Reboot Illinois.

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