07/21/2014 09:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Travel These 10 Creepy Illinois Roads... if You Dare

Illinois, with its many historical sites and state parks, is the perfect state for road trips. It's also the perfect place for a very creepy road trip. Mysterious Heartland, a site listing some of the scariest places in the Midwest ranked The 10 Creepiest Roads in Illinois and The 10 Most Haunted Roads in the Midwest. Between these two lists we found 10 creepy Illinois roads to avoid (or travel on, depending on your preference) for your next weekend road trip.

Resurrection Cemetary

1) Kennedy Hill Road
Bryon, IL

From December 1980-January 1981, dozens of motorists reported seeing a woman, soon to be known as "The Phantom Lady of Kennedy Hill Road" walking along the road. However, after winter of 1981, she disappeared, never to be seen again.

2) Shoe Factory Road
Elgin, IL

Shoe Factory Road has not one, but two haunted sites: a farm and the site of an old Spanish Colonial revival house. Although the structures at both sites have been demolished, both sites have been rumored to host multiple murders, so they are said to be haunted.

3) Cherry Road
Oswego, IL

A young couple allegedly took the nearly 90-degree turn at the end of the road too fast after their prom. The woman died and her boyfriend wrote "help" on the road in his own blood. The woman's ghost has been sited at the bend.

4) Dug Hill Road
Jonesboro, IL

There are three stories associated with Dug Hill Road. The first involves Union deserters killing Provost Marshal Welsh on the road, and Welsh's ghost allegedly haunts the road. The second involves a man who witnessed a spectral wagon pass over his own head. The third is the tale of "the boger," a nine- to 11-foot-tall creature wearing black pants, a white shirt and a scarf.

5) 7th Avenue Dead End
Sterling, IL

At the dead end of 7th Avenue and east Second Street in Sterling, residents report seeing and hearing a ghostly woman. Rumor has it she's looking for a lost child who either drowned in the river or was hit by the railroad tracks nearby.

Check out the rest of the list at Reboot Illinois to find out the stories behind five other scary roads in Illinois.


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