08/06/2014 09:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Homes With Sweet Rides

It's one thing to feature an impressive garage in a listing photo, but these homes for sale showcase much more than just a fancy parking spot! Check out these five properties that are sure to get your engine going, all featuring some pretty sweet rides. On your mark, get set, GO!

Vroom Vroom


Some people like to have a separate room for their doll or stamp collections; other people like to have one for their automobiles. No big deal. If you had a car this cool, you'd probably want to showcase it in the same fashion, right? Front and center. Aside from the awesome mechanized turntable, this garage also spans a total of 2,200 square feet with enough room for five cars!

Fire Engine Red


What do these cars have in common? They're not yours. Oh, and they're both the perfect shade of red! They almost look like they drove out of a museum exhibit and into this home.

Colorful Cars


Parking for colorful cars only. This is one fast, furious and bright garage. While there are only four cars in this photo, this garage can actually hold up to 14 automobiles! So if you ever want to expand your collection, there is certainly enough room to do so.

Nice Wheels


Pump your brakes because this nine-car subterranean garage is already packed with enough speed! There's room for one more, but the homeowner already has one car for each day of the week plus another for luck! With a car collection like this one, how can anyone be expected to go the speed limit?! If you drive any of these cars, you may get ticketed for DWA ... driving while awesome!

"Honey, I don't feel like driving today, let's take the plane for a spin."


In the mood for some alternate modes of transportation? Rides don't get much sweeter than this. And if your party can't fit in the plane, the RV should be big enough. Road trip, anyone?