07/24/2014 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stay Cool With These 5 Outdoor Pools

The heat is on, and there's nothing we'd rather do more than take a dive in a deep, refreshing pool. For most of us, that means heading to the local community center or finding a natural swimming hole. But for a lucky few, that means taking a dip in the lap of luxury located just outside your door. Each of these homes for sale features a swoon-worthy pool that could be yours, if you have the cash.

Where Batman Comes Out of the Dark
The owners of this unbelievable estate must be major fans of Batman, because there's a Batman mural on the wall of the home office, the elevator is painted to look like Gotham City, and there's even a bat cave! Well - a "private subterranean drive," as the listing calls it. Speaking of caves, the pool has a cave hidden underneath a waterfall, where swimmers can watch TV. There's also a waterslide, lazy river, rock formations, and - of course - a bat symbol at the bottom of the pool! If that wasn't enough, the property also includes an outdoor amphitheater, full-sized soccer field, basketball court, batting cages, BMX track, putting green and a 103″ plasma TV, one of the world's largest, according to the listing.

Where "Wet Bar" Takes On a Whole New Meaning
Water slide, check. Waterfall, check. Bridge, check. TV, check. Fire, check. LED lights, check. This amazing pool has everything you could dream of and more. Perhaps the most stunning feature is a hot tub underneath a cave, which has a wet bar, television and sparkling lights on the stone ceiling. Surrounding the pool, there's a full bar with five flat screen TVs, an outdoor kitchen, and plenty of lounge space. And that's just the pool; the rest of the home has to be seen to be believed, but be sure to check it out soon, because a sale is pending on it!

Pool, Moat, Whatever Floats Your Boat (or House)
It's hard to notice the pool when the entire house is surrounded by an artificial lake, but this home does indeed have one! There appears to be a fountain in the center of the pool, and it is surrounded by English gardens, vast lawns, a huge koi pond, a covered patio, and geometric cement pillars. Not to mention a modern day moat, with swans instead of crocodiles! Everything about this home - err castle - is truly one-of-a-kind.

Wading in Wonderland
According to the listing agent, Michael Jackson was interested in purchasing this home, and wanted to name it "Wonderland" before he passed away. It's certainly reminiscent of his Neverland Ranch, with many amazing features, including a casino game room, indoor shooting range, recording studio, bowling alley, golf driving range, equestrian center, 20+ car showroom, and more. The jaw-dropping pool has several waterfalls and a bar and lounge area that are hidden underneath rock formations. It certainly seems like the kind of place the King of Pop would have enjoyed while he was in Las Vegas.

Secret Garden (and Pool)
This pool is far more subdued than the others, but no less beautiful. It is tucked away behind courtyard walls, the primary residence and the guest suite, creating a private little sanctuary away from the city. The lush landscaping and gorgeous palm trees make it look like a tropical resort. No wet-bars-hidden-in-caves are needed to relax in this pool.