06/03/2014 09:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Ways Your Current Lifestyle May be Killing You, Regardless of What it Is

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Whether you're a raw food junkie, an exercise junkie, or an actual junkie, here are six SHOCKING ways your lifestyle may be killing you, regardless of what it is:

1. Breathing - Breathing seems like something that would be great for you. But whether you're inhaling pure mountain air, car exhaust, or smoke from a crack pipe, every breath you take is one breath closer to the grave. Literally every breath you're taking is killing you. So is holding your breath, so don't do that, either.

2. Water - There are a million options out there for water drinkers these days, but whether you reach for the Smart Water, or prefer your water in the form of vodka -- the clear stuff is going to kill you. Many have speculated that there is fecal matter in literally everything we drink, so before you lift that bottle to your lips, just remember there is poop in that.

3. Shelter - Home is where the heart is, but unfortunately it could also be where your heart stops. According to ancient religious documents, all man-made structures will eventually collapse in on themselves as the earth asserts her dominance over our childish hubris by swallowing up all that we have put forth. So before you lay out the welcome mat, just remember that your happy home could become your unhappy tomb.

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