06/17/2013 05:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Introducing New Deep White™ Vagina Whitening Tampons


Here at Tampax, we know that true beauty comes from within. Age and nature have certainly darkened your insides and we are here to help! Introducing Tampax Deep White™ Vagina Whitening Tampons: designed to brighten your vaginal walls and leave you shining from the inside out.

We've combined our signature Tampax protection with intense new bleaching technology. With every cycle, you'll get a shade closer to the sparkling white movie star vagina of your dreams!

The Glisten Glide™ applicator makes insertion easy and shields your hand skin from the powerful brightening agents contained within each tampon.

Available in Light, Regular, Super, and Super Plus, Tampax Deep White™ will not only guard against normal period related leaks, but also against the bleeding caused by the whitening process itself. (Which can be as much or more than regular menstruation.)

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