03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Follow Up: "Hank Moody: For Women Only" (Question)

As a follow up to the previous "Don Draper: For Women Only", it has been suggested that I repeat the question, substituting Hank Moody of Californication (Showtime) for Don Draper of Mad Men.

Like Draper, Moody seems irresistible to women, but unlike Draper Moody is not quite a cad -- rascal, yes, rogue, maybe, but not a cad. He too is charming and handsome, but the very opposite of suave, and he seems not to chase women, rather charming them into chasing him. Moody, played by David Duchovny, is no where nearly as financially successful as Draper, nor is he a business man. He is a writer travelling in Hollywood's creative circles, who out of financial need has just accepted a job as a college professor.

The "Don Draper: For Women Only" question got us only 6 responses, but in a Facebook poll of 200 women in which the question was:

"Recently women interviewed on the street by a television news reporter admitted strong yearnings to "date" Mad Men's Don Draper. In the 1970's, some women would've considered Draper a "cad". Have standards now changed? Would you date a Don Draper? Would you marry a Don Draper?"

We recently asked Facebook to do a similar poll about Hank Moody.

I do not wish to reveal the results of those polls until Huffington respondents have a chance to weigh in with their comments. Therefore, we ask the following question:

Despite at times being self-centered, lewd and at times irresponsible, would you date and/or marry Hank Moody?

I should note here that one of the previous Huffington respondents should add a third option -- would you sleep with Hank Moody, but neither date nor marry him?

We hope to get more than 6 responses this time, and then we'll reveal the poll results.