04/19/2007 07:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Mommy-Killer Bill

Mommy killing is now mandatory in thirty states. Even if a mother's life was at risk, no doctor may perform an operation that might save her life if it involves the death of a fetus in the last trimester or pregnancy. Women see this as an attack on women's rights. I suggest that this is an attack on men's rights.

I foresee all the cases where loving husbands and fathers must stand by and witness the murder of their wives, the mother of their children in order to save the life of a fetus yet unborn. A father, now left alone, to raise his other children and nurture and care for this new presence in his home, the presence that has killed his wife. Who will he find to comfort his children in their grief? Who will he find to care for them while he makes a living to support them all? His financial resources may be exhausted, if his wife worked, he may lose everything. And he has no voice in the decision that will change his and his family's life forever. The husband and father may demand the doctor protect his wife, may threaten him or attempt to bribe him, but the doctor must perform the operation or spend two years in jail. They have destroyed the father's traditional right to defend his family.

Of course, the mommy-killer bill is a violation of a woman's right to survive, but it is also a violation of a family's right to survive. I write this belatedly; no one to my knowledge has previously made this argument. I hope that will mobilize along with their wives and take this issue back to the state legislators, who have so casually given away the lives and well being of others. I suspect that many of those legislators know that this law will never apply to them. If they are faced with this situation, they have the money and the knowledge to travel to a free state and solve their problem there. This law will only affect the men and women who voted for them unless they, themselves, want to become mommy killers.