11/05/2012 11:52 am ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

Get Out and Vote

Being almost 70 gives me a little edge on others who have not been actively involved in our county's democracy for many years as I have been voting for more than 35 years. This past year during our attempt to elect a president, it has been even more traumatic and difficult for me on a very personal level. I believe that having the right to vote is precious as there are so many countries where everyday ordinary people are not allowed to vote. Our history hasn't been too kind to many American's and voting was made difficult for years - barriers were institutionalized in many parts of our country for poor people and minorities. But there were strong American leaders who stepped up to change the dynamics and laws. Our country became stronger and today we have more people able to vote who never lived through the years where a vote was not available for everyone. Voting is a leveling event - everyone in this country has a vote - and as we have seen in past elections in our country, one vote does make a difference. To me it is more important to exercise the right than who you vote for. We can have differences on many issues but in the end, we all love our country.

What we are seeing in the long lines of people patiently standing for hours, waiting for their chance to vote is that they feel passionate about their right - even when there are forces to repress this right. People are anxious to participate in democracy and any force that attempts to take away this democratic rite of passage will lose. They may win here and there but in the end, the American people will not stand for dishonesty.

So with only days left, I encourage everyone to vote, it's your right and by exercising it you continue our legacy of democracy. I started voting in the 60's and now I am proud to say I have never missed an opportunity to vote and have no plans to not vote in the future.

Regina Fraser
Voting because I love my country