01/03/2013 07:37 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

10 Tips On How To Be A Better Traveler In 2013

As avid international travelers for the past decades and hosts of our own travel show, we encounter lots of fellow passengers aboard planes, trains and automobiles. Most of the time, these encounters are great discoveries and lead to new friendships. Other times are not so good.

So I thought I should impart some Granny wisdom to those who can tweak a few things about their travel habits this year and hopefully make it a more pleasant journey for all those involved -- me included!

When you travel, please remember that the plane, car, boat, bus or any other mode of conveyance is NOT your private place! It's bad enough when you are jammed packed into a metal tube for hours when flying with strangers, but what's worse is when the people you are traveling with think it's their world and all others have to endure living in it.

Trust a well-traveled Granny as I share some of my travel pet peeves -- and hopefully they impart some good awareness:

  1. NO texting or talking while driving! You endanger not only your life but also others' and mine.
  2. If you sneeze, please sneeze in your arm -- there's no need to gift others with your cold. Keep it to yourself please and bring hankies!
  3. Think first before you bring that stinky sandwich or super fried food on the aircraft: The smell lingers for hours and creates immediate neighborly enemies. Why not just buy a less-pungent feast like a ham and cheese sandwich.
  4. Turn your phone off before departure and takeoff! There's a reason this is not the time to "reach out and touch someone." Safety first.
  5. On that note, your phone conversation with your best "bro" or "peeps" is not my concern. Talk before you get on the plane. Once on the plane, you're done. No more sharing about your private life with your neighbor seated in 15A.
  6. Whoa, what's that smell? Make sure to hydrate before you travel -- adding a little water to your hygiene routine really helps when you're on a crowded airplane or bus.
  7. If you have to "go" on an airplane, please remember that we all share the seat and your leaving a gift of moisture is a real no no. Ladies and gents -- if you are not sitting down then lift the seat up!
  8. No one likes to stand in line but when we do, the last thing anyone wants is to see someone trying to jump the line. Don't bring out the "royalty complex"; it's not going to fly. Just get back in line like the rest of us and you'll give good vibes to the world around you.
  9. Please have your tickets and ID ready for security checking at the airport before you get to the agent. None of us like it when our wait is extended because someone is fumbling for these items and acting "shocked" that they weren't made aware!
  10. Contrary to some drivers, no one owns the road. Stop riding people's tails -- and mine -- especially when I am doing the speed limit and you're trying to force me to go faster. It isn't going to happen -- granny or not!

-- Granny Regina