04/18/2011 06:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Spring Sails


A few warm hints of spring and we are inspired to unfold our ancient sails and lash them on to our veteran masts. Here in NYC we had one warm day and were able to eat outside and do yoga in the evening on the yoga platform. Then the north wind blew cold and we lit our fire once again. Putting on our wounded and stitched sails is like raising a war-scarred battle flag. It means in spite of all our travails we are ready to sail and not give up. It is the only set of sails we have anyway. We would rather be discrete and put on new sails than draw such attention to ourselves by putting up sails with such soul.


Our sails are recognizable from far away. People might not know what we have been through or what we face, but they will be inspired and outraged because where else can such sails be seen? Sails like these can only been seen in the dreams inspired by the old classics and mythology. Imagine what the sails of Ulysses looked like and what they had seen. Our sails are the same way and we'll wear them until the lucky day we can create new ones. Then I'll paint the old one with many of our affirmations like, "Somehow, yes!"