11/30/2012 10:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dr. Keith Ablow Is In

Bill O'Reilly doesn't get "Gangnam Style." It's just people "doing the pony." Eight hundred million views on YouTube? What justifies that?

The "unintelligible words" -- or as some people call it, Korean -- emanating from a "little fat guy... jumping up and down" are so strange to him, in fact, that he felt it would require a psychiatrist to explain what people can possibly like about it:

And who did O'Reilly think could help him understand? Why, the courageous, renegade, maverick psychiatrist on the Fox News Medical A-Team, Keith Ablow, who "resigned in protest" from the American Psychiatric Association, of course.

Nevermind the fact that either O'Reilly or Ablow could have done a quick Google search and found that the song is a satirical portrayal of South Korean consumerism in the wealthy neighborhood of Gangnam, but instead chose to emphatically declare that it "means nothing."

Well, it's not just nothing, of course. "Nothing" is far too innocuous a word to describe something you could just as easily compare to a drug. So Doc came to another conclusion -- that enjoying the video of "Gangnam Style" is bad in that "you use something to transport your way from real thought and deep feeling."

Well, Doc, I came to a conclusion, too. I conclude that you're neither the first to offer cheap, bad psychoanalysis, nor the one to do it best, nor the one to do it the most entertainingly, and that Lucy wants her stand back:


And for the record, I would sooner opt for a lobotomy in Myanmar than submit to psychiatric treatment from Fox's Medical A-Team.