03/25/2015 04:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Drives Rena DeLevie


Most people I've met in corporate America don't like themselves. This starts at the very top of the management food chain and trickles down to the lowest level. In the 30 years I've worked in this sector, I have rarely seen management be consistently respectful towards others, treat people of different levels as equals, or show compassion of any kind. Instead, I've seen management practice what I call Fear Based Management where threat of job loss, secrecy, and favoritism are the norm. And I'm effing tired of it.

Changing this is what drives me.

People behave awfully when they don't have a comfort level with being kind, respectful and communicative. That comfort can only exist when someone likes herself. I don't mean likes her shoes or hair, I mean deep down heart language likes her Self. Can you list 10 work-related qualities about your Self that you like?

Our society doesn't nurture this kind of compassionate introspection. It nurtures fear. Fear of never being the CEO or never being a gazillionaire or just never measuring up to whatever is the latest craze. Does this resonate?

I'm not a shrink and I don't want to be one. I've been called a corporate therapist because I balance compassion with practical corporate accountability. This isn't airy-fairy BS; this is an effective and proven method to self-like that manifests in a quiet confidence that allows for respect, kindness, and communication. This works at every level of seniority. No one is too young or old for this transformation. No one is too senior or too junior either. It can start at any level and is bound to spread like luscious wild fire. Just like fear - compassion, kindness, and collaboration spread quickly when implemented consistently.

It's really that simple, and that hard.

I have seen and worked with so many people who have been beaten down psychologically and can't see their own gifts. I was one of these people. That's why I help people learn to see themselves with compassion and recognize their gifts and eliminate the need for constant validation from others. People who find out they're awesome immediately start delivering at a higher level because they're no longer weighed down by fear, insecurity, or resentment.

We must know the truth of what our associates at every level are experiencing and we must address this immediately. It's crucial to the health of an organization. Each Brand needs a healthy dynamic allowing the members at every level to collaborate, cheer each other on, cover for each other as needed, and partner respectfully.

Fear-based management is a disease that is being eliminated from the inside out by courageous people bringing their whole gorgeous selves to the office, one person at a time.

What drives me? I have witnessed and experienced the power of compassion as a business tool, balanced with accountability. It's quite a heady mix that leaves me feeling tipsy with hope for a delicious corporate America like we've never seen before.