08/14/2013 03:23 pm ET Updated Oct 14, 2013

Unexpected -- and Easy Ways -- to Take Your Wedding Up a Notch

Creating a memorable wedding can be overwhelming, especially when it seems like every event you see on Pinterest or in magazines starts looking exactly the same. To distinguish yours from the rest of the pack, here are seven ideas for upping the ante with your décor and details -- all of which are sure to get your guests' attention.

The Standard: Using uplighting that's strategically positioned to give the room added color and ambiance.
The Upgrade: Choose moving lights instead of static lights to make the look a bit more interesting -- and keep the dance floor crowded long into the night. (For an added boost to your reception décor and mood-setting, rent lights that change color as they move.)

The Standard: Displays of flowers on reception tables as your main floral décor.
The Upgrade: Mix live plants -- like succulents -- in with your florals for a lusher look, and position potted trees in between tables and in the corners of your venue. Oftentimes, this option can be more affordable if you're willing to scale back a bit on cut flowers, plus you can take the plants home with you and let them continue to grow in your yard.

The Standard: Framed photos of the happy couple displayed on the gift table.
The Upgrade: Incorporate your guests by having a photo display that features pictures of you two along with everyone who's in attendance. A big project, for sure, but one that will make your guests feel extra special.

The Standard: Hiring professionals for the officiant and entertainment.
The Upgrade: Have one of your guests officiate your ceremony or sing your first dance song at the reception. Not only will this be a fun surprise for your guests, but it will also make the day even more special for you.

The Standard: A photobooth for guests to take fun pictures in.
The Upgrade: Create your very own step-and-repeat (those large boards celebrities pose in front of on the red carpet) with the logo or monogram you design, then have a second-shooter photographer take photos of your guests in front of it. Not only will it be a great personal keepsake for you, but getting the Hollywood treatment will be loads of fun for your friends and family!

The Standard: A special sweetheart table for the bride and groom.
The Upgrade: Kick things up by renting fabulous, oversized chairs for the two of you. There are many furniture rental companies with a wide variety of wonderful options and adding this touch really makes your sweetheart table stand out.

The Standard: A candy bar where guests can select their own treats.
The Upgrade: Instead of a candy buffet, hire a couple people to dress up as "cigarette" girls and guys who can approach guests with a variety of goodies and little bags to put them in.