09/12/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

He Neglected to Tell You...

It should come as no surprise that agents of the status quo are dispensing false and misleading information about health care reform. More than anything else, they fear the American people taking control of their health care system for the first time.

The medical industry wants to maintain their access to unlimited corporate profits by maintaining limited medical access for the American people. And, they have cranked up the right wing fear and smear machine to make you afraid. Well, here is something to fear. Today, insurance companies control the medical care you receive, not you or your doctor, if you are fortunate enough to have one.

They don't want you to know that, so they obfuscate the debate by fabricating a disinformation campaign. The latest wacky component comes from a former movie kickboxer who bellows about home visitation provisions in the health care legislation. Here it is:

He neglects to mention that his hero, former President George Bush, funded a pilot home visitation program because, as his administration said, "There is a growing body of evidence that suggest that some home visitation programs can be successful as a child maltreatment prevention strategy."

He neglects to mention that Republican governors established home visitation programs in several states.

He neglects to mention that a senior Republican Senator, this year, introduced home visitation legislation. (I introduced a bill in the House that was incorporated into the health care reform legislation.)

He neglects to mention that Michelle Ridge, former First Lady of Pennsylvania, sent a letter to the House Republican Caucus offering strong support for home visitation programs because they work:

Offering proven and practical solutions to improve critical outcomes for high-risk, first-time mothers and their children is a priority for business and political leaders that transcends ideology and political affiliation. Quite simply, it is cheaper and more sensible to tackle problems before they begin, rather than spend increasing sums on increasing health care costs associated with poor prenatal care, neglect and abuse, and ineffective remedial policies...

He neglects to mention that home visitation is a bipartisan issue because 30 years of research shows that home visitation programs produce measurable positive benefits for families and children, and saves money by reducing emergency room visits.

He neglects to mention that investing in America's kids is investing in America's future.

In short, the kickboxer shot himself in the foot.

The health care crisis facing every American is not a B-movie script; people are going bankrupt because the medical industry controls the medical care you receive. And unless and until the American people take control of the health care system, uncontrolled greed will remain America's attending physician.