11/13/2006 01:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dear Democratic Colleague...

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Yesterday, I received the endorsement of Speaker-elect Pelosi in the race for House Majority Leader, and I am deeply gratified.

Last week the American people spoke and clearly demanded change. We now have a tremendous opportunity to show them that we can deliver, work together, and fix the real problems affecting so many Americans, including implementing Speaker-elect Pelosi's Six for '06 agenda.

I want to point out that we could not have won the Majority without the voices of so many of you who spoke out ahead of me on the issue of the Iraq war.

It is the outspokenness of so many of you on Iraq that has ensured a Democratic Majority. You helped me to develop the message which was so instrumental in breaking the perceived barrier Democrats had on national security issues. The American People have put their faith in Democrats to lead the country on a change in policy on the Iraq war, which was the key issue in this election.

The war in Iraq must remain our number one priority until it is resolved.

I have spent 32 years in Congress working with Democrats and Republicans to find solutions on the major issues our country has faced. I am up to the challenge that is before us. If chosen as your Majority Leader, I look forward to working with each and every one of you and our new Speaker to chart a new direction for our country immediately upon convening the 110th Congress.

By overwhelmingly electing a Democratic Majority, Americans have placed their trust in the Democratic Party. With your help, we can ensure a unified Caucus and a unified message to the American people.

John P. Murtha

Member of Congress