02/23/2011 04:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

We Call on Gadhafi to Quit Violent Crackdown

The violence in Libya is unconscionable and the international community must unite in opposition to this brute use of force against non-violent protesters.

Yesterday's speech by embattled Moammar Gadhafi reinforces the fact that he is willing to cling to power through whatever means necessary. Calling himself a 'martyr' and deploying machine guns and snipers against civilian protesters are the clearest signs yet of Gadhafi's unwillingness to accept the Libyan people's demands and their exercise of basic rights.

We agree with Libya's deputy UN ambassador's call for an internationally enforced no-fly zone to be established over the country to prevent Gadhafi from using his air force against protesters. We strongly condemn the unlawful killing of hundreds of civilians in Tripoli and the use of mercenaries to intimidate and control the population, and we call on the Libyan military to stop immediately its unlawful and immoral crackdown against the people of Libya.