05/31/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Right-Wing Radio Spreads Flu Lies

The last thing our country needs is radio hosts spreading dangerous misinformation about the flu outbreak. But that's exactly what we're getting thanks to people like Michael Savage, Jay Severin and Neal Boortz. These right-wing demagogues are targeting America's immigrant community and trying to turn a possible pandemic into politics.

This is simply deplorable and seriously dangerous.

A few days ago on his show, Michael Savage said, "Make no mistake about it: Illegal aliens are the carriers of the new strain of human-swine avian flu from Mexico." That is nothing more than fear-mongering and race-baiting in search of ratings. This is exactly the type of rhetoric that fuels discrimination and violence, and those violent acts are why last night the House voted to pass the Hate Crimes Bill. Apparently that wasn't enough of a signal to these guys that they've lost and tolerance and unity have won, but we'll keep fighting.

We can't afford to make this serious health emergency into a conservative radio circus. Americans need to stay calm and informed by listening to their doctors and our public health officials. And I'm asking Michael Savage, Jay Severin, Neal Boortz, and anyone who would repeat their arguments to stop now. Stop spreading these lies and work with us to keep Americans healthy and safe.