12/20/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

Let Us Remember

Particularly at this time, as we gather for divine worship, let us remember those near and far who bear the tragic sting of human hurt and personal loss. In this season of God incarnate in a little child, in a small town, let us remember those in little towns whose children have mercilessly been killed.

In this season of the Prince of peace, let us lean again, and hard, into the things that make for peace, the things that remove guns and gun violence, that staunch the ill effects of social media, that bring healing to profound mental illness.

In this season of miracle, let us remember those for whom no miracle brought succor, and who have died young, on our street, and on streets far and near. That is, as we prepare to the lift the carols of Christmas, let us soberly remember the poor...