10/04/2013 04:22 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014


let's get real...who cares?
the government has shut down
did you hear me? The government has shut down
this means I've been shut down
Is anybody listening?
I'm scared
Life is so impersonal, isn't it?

Given the circumstances, what will we do?
Blow up?
Start to scream?
Tell everybody to fuck off?
Hand out a bible or a religious tract?
Try to catch a flight to Australia?

Let me put it this way -- what does the future hold?
if I don't have anything to eat, what will I have three days from now?
can I stash away a Tylenol?
I don't have a place to sleep and there is no place
I have forty cents, not enough for a McDonald's
Let me think -- should I order a gin martini with a twist?
Or rent a very long movie with Bette Davis
maybe find an unlocked downtown church to pray

Is anybody listening? Don't force me into any shutdown
Open the doors! Open the windows! Open the hearts!
Please talk, please listen