09/11/2012 09:28 am ET Updated Nov 11, 2012

Prayer for What Crumbled on September 11th

God of All,

As we look to the past, we remember a day when towers fell, and buildings blew apart, a day when hatred seemed to have the final say, and we as a country were amazed at our own "failure of imagination." Let us recall that day, and make a new day, today. Remind us of stillness, of Your presence in the present moment.

Let us recall the loss upon loss upon loss, piling up in seconds, minutes and years. Recalling this, we ask You to restore us to wholeness, in the wake of the rubble and pain. We ask that You might extend our vision; expand it, that we might have no "failure of imagination" when it comes to the paths that make for peace.

God, the skies were blue, the day was lovely, when so many hearts were broken; when the earth rumbled with all that fell and was decimated.

On this day, we remember, we recall, and we work to reclaim common ground that was lost. God, give us eyes to see what unites us as human beings, ears to hear the concerns that unite us, hearts open to understanding and compassion. Call upon our courage to be brave in this endeavor.

For children who do not remember this day, help us recount it, calling forth their strengths for a world that needs reconciliation, not warfare. Help us recount the need for intelligence and diplomacy, how we need their minds for creative solutions to real problems and conflicts.

Spending three days on the moon, James Irwin of Apollo 15 looked back at the earth and said, "It looked so fragile, so delicate, that if you touched it with a finger it would crumble and fall apart."

God, living here, where things crumble and fall apart before our eyes, remind us that we share this small home, and we do well when we learn to get along with others who share this fragile place. Thank You for our differences, give us wisdom to live with them and in spite of them. We call upon You. Amen.