10/06/2014 04:28 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Celebrating Marriage Equality Monday

There was breaking news on the marriage equality front this morning as the Supreme Court surprised many (let's make that "most") by rejecting without comment appeals from five states seeking to overturn lower court decisions in favor of marriage equality.

By refusing to sustain marriage discrimination in Wisconsin, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Indiana today the Supreme Court moved our nation a little closer to being a nation of liberty and justice for all.

As a proud American I'm proud that the arc of history continues to bend toward justice for same-sex couples.

As a priest and pastor, I am grateful that bogus arguments distorting Christian values and deploying them as weapons of mass discrimination have been rejected by the highest court in the land. And I delight that in five more states clergy can now offer what we have been able to offer here at my church in California: both equal protection and equal blessing for all couples coming toward us to be married.

While there are still miles to go before equal protection truly protects all Americans equally, today's action moves us past the tipping point to the place where a majority of Americans now live in states or jurisdictions with marriage equality. A majority of Americans will now experience the reality that what is traditional about "traditional marriage" are the values that make up the marriage -- not the gender of the couple. And together we can work toward the day when equal protection for your marriage is determined by the Constitution -- not by your zip code.

Because none of are free until all of us are. Because justice delayed is justice denied. And because it is long past time for a Protect Marriage movement that protects all marriages -- and a Family Values coalition that values all families.

Today was one giant five-state step in that direction -- and that is something to rejoice and be glad in. And then get back to work to finish the job.